Mani Mahi

This is a skeleton drawing of a Mahi Mahi that I did for t-shirt design. I can remember fishing the Florida keys and catching this fish. They are such amazing fish to catch. The fight and run so much. When I dream back of fishing I still feel the rush, joy, happiness of the catch. I practice catch and release when I fish. I believe in providing the kids of the future with the ability to see and enjoy nature and wildlife. What are your beliefs on this?

Geometric Wolf

Hi there everyone. It’s been awhile since I blogged. My finger is still healing and painful. I drew this design as I thought back about my time living in South Dakota and hearing the wolves howl at night. As I sat outside on my porch at night enjoying a cup of coffee or whatever was the drink of the night I could hear the wolves in the trees howling at the night. Most people were afraid of them but I was so soothed by it. Once in awhile they would come close to the house and you could see them up close and that was an amazing sight to see. They were beautiful, strong, majestic creatures that weren’t afraid of the night. When the wolves would see me there they would be curious of what I was but not afraid of me. When you looked into their eyes you could see the wonder and amazement they possess. Looking forward to hearing from ya’ll about what you think of this design. May the force be with you.

The Geometric Deer

This is a piece I drew today; with my hurt finger. It is a geometric deer with the spirit of a wolf. When I started this piece it was to meet the brief for a tattoo design. I have always loved the deer and wolf and what they symbolise. I used to hunt when I lived in the USA. Deer are such beautiful, and majestic beasts. The wolf is a strong hunter with a spirit of family. Being of Native American decent my fondness and love of the wilderness and all its creatures runs deep. The peace of walking through the forest listening to the wind blow through the trees, birds chippering, and animals moving about is an experience that is hard to describe. It always used to make me feel at one with nature when I would glimpse a deer standing in the brush with mist floating around it and the sun shining down on its majestic horns. Seeing the wolf with its pack howling at the moon is such an amazing experience. The pack protect and help each other demonstrating love and family transcends among other creatures. This piece means so much to me and goes deep in my soul. What makes you feel peace inside?

I cut my finger!

So I haven’t been able to draw since Saturday due to a work accident. I cut nearly the whole end of my finger off while chopping up cabbage at work. It’s a bit hard to to draw and type, during the healing process I will post as much as I can. I was working on my virtue series before I got cut and have a few to write about and will post as soon as I can use my hand again. May the force be with you!

Temperance, The Virtue

Temperance is basically just self-control and restraint. Self-control can be used in many things, shopping, drinking, gambling and more. If you ask my wife she would say I need more self-control with shopping. Like some people I have a love of online shopping! Some say temperance is control over excess, well I would think learning self-control or temperance over shopping would help control my need to buy things. I have gotten so much better with my online shopping. I would say temperance is a self taught virtue, we as humans need to teach ourselves how to be in control of our desires, humility, forgiveness, and our impulses. Do you ever do something impulsive? It may be the smallest thing but if you do not have self-control then the thing that causes the impulse is actually in control of your life. What are your thoughts on Temperance? Do you have a impulse that needs controlling? With the help of your inner self and the virtues you can have self-control. Be the human being Aliens are jealous of.

Liberality, The Virtue

What is Liberality? For me this is the simplest virtue to have. It is charity/generosity and bigheartedness. When I lived in Florida I was the Head chef of a local steakhouse. One day at work I was outside on a break and I saw this older man with a shopping cart full of stuff, he was digging thru the dumpster for food and metal cans to recycle for money to buy food. This was very hard for me to see. I walked over and asked him if he would like a hot meal and a glass of tea. He answered me and said yes but he had no money. I told him no worries just stay here i’ll be right back. I went back inside made a box of hot food and a big to go cup of tea for him. As I went back outside and handed him the food he said thank you so much and he wished more people would be kind to him. I told him what days I work and to stop by and each day I would give him food and drink. His face lit up with a smile and said he would be back. As I went back inside I started collecting the cans in different bags so he could just grab them up and not have to sort thru the trash and possibly get hurt. I would see him going thru other dumpsters at different places around town and people looked down on him and treated him like he was trash. I never let him go hungry or thirsty. Having a big heart is not hard to have. The smallest act of generosity can make someone’s day or life. Doing an act of kindness or charity can make you feel so happy. Showing you care about your fellow human is what makes us a supreme being. Do you think Aliens have a big heart? Do you think they would do something out of kindness for us as humans?

The Triangle of Virtue

If you have read my blog before you will know I have a bit of a thing for aliens, and what body art they may have if they are out there somewhere. I have been putting a lot of thought into what this body art would be used for like a ruin on the Alien’s body to protect or serve some purpose in life. If I had to put a name on this particular design, it would be the Triangle of Virtue. We all need to have virtue and wisdom. I would personally get this tattoo and say it was my triangle of virtue. Thinking about this led me to question what virtue means to me? To put it plain and simply I think it means being a decent human being and holding a strong moral compass. Aristotle introduced 12 virtues and I am working on a line of designs for all of them. I am going to do a blog post for each (watch this space). This is the first in the series! This is the symbol I believe aliens would use to express their virtue. This design contains 12 circles to represent Aristotles 12 virtues. When thinking about virtues it is important to remember: you can have all of them, some of them, or none at all. I believe aliens would get a tattoo of each virtue once they achieve the understanding what it means as well as evidence they poses it (bit like achieving a swimming badge when you manage 50meters). I would love to know what your thoughts are on this.

Talking to Aliens

When I started posting my drawings on social media one of my Aunts said I must have been talking to the aliens when I was drawing. The more I drew the more I saw what she meant. So I started exploring when I drew and I came to understand that there could be a connection between my drawings and Aliens, based on the uniqueness and weirdness of them. I do believe in Aliens or what some people call other life forms, so I got to thinkin as I drew more and more: Do you believe there is something else out there? Do you think there are other worlds that think they are the only ones in the universe? What do you think aliens would look like? I can see so many different patterns, shapes, words they would have. I love the thought that we are not the only life form in the universe and.

The Mountains

I lived in South Dakota for about 5 years. When I was there I lived the Black Hills. They are a beautiful mountain range that is unforgettable to anyone who is fortunate enough to have seen them, and a breathe taking sight to see. When you drive thru them you get lost in the wonder, the mystery and the beauty. I was thinking about my days of ranching and this what I created. The Hills have a special place in my heart forever. As I thought back of riding horseback through the mountains I remember seeing the wildlife, finding lakes, Teepee rings that were left from the Native Americans and so much more. It is truly indescribable. The most amazing part of finding spots that were left by the Native Americans were finding little gems in the ground, life arrow heads, broken pots and more. The mountains were always a place of peace; the smell of crisp air, pines, sage, and nature. It always felt as if I was living in the Old West. The only compass you would have is the feeling inside that led you the right way thru 10,000 acres of valleys, mountains, trees and creeks. When you feel lost in the mountain range of life always follow your inner compass, it will always guide you in the right direction.

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